Printing Press Gets TRON-ified, Glowy

July 28, 2009


Geekologie Reader Jason went and decked out an oldschool printing press TRON style (to celebrate the anniversary of the film earlier this month) by adding some glow in the dark tape. This is an animated gif, so if you give it a minute it'll automatically switch between lights on and lights off mode. Personally, I only like printing in the dark. Somebody get the switch. Now, who's ready to create some headlines? Feka dlawe wewa pinme awqiro bglkuv sweey. Success! Now rubber band and bag 'em, boys, it's raining out. Who just touched my butt?

DIY Friday: Pimp My Press [printeresting] (with several more animations)

Thanks Jason, now let's start our own newspaper!

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