Master Chief Theater: Halo Anime Coming

July 27, 2009


You like what I did with the title there? I lol'd. And by lol'd I mean tried to hammer my teeth out with a XBox 360 controller. So anyway, there comes a time when all great franchises must come to an end in a horrible burning fire of suck. This is that time for Halo.

Microsoft is teaming with five production houses for a series of seven short films called Halo Legends, reports the Los Angeles Times. The five production houses are some of the biggest names in the industry:

Bones, Casio Entertainment, Production I.G., Studio4 C, and Toei Animation.

The creative director overseeing the production is Shinji Aramaki, director of Appleseed and Appleseed Ex Machina.

Actually, this could turn out to be pretty good. Probably not pork chop sandwiches good, but genius like that doesn't grow on trees. IT COMES FROM PIGS, SILLY!

Details About Halo Anime [kotaku]

Thanks to Master Chief woot woot, Master Chief's funner, harder-partying brother.

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