Marvel Superheroes Getting Anime Treatment

July 28, 2009

Not to be outdone by Master Chief, both Iron Man and Wolverine are getting the anime treatment courtesy of Madhouse Studios and Marvel Entertainment. Allegedly, two more superheroes will follow. This is the teaser for Iron Man, Wolverine is behind the cut. Get it, behind the cut? Because of his claws!

Hit it for Wolverine, which was much weirder.

Youtube (Iron Man)
Youtube (Wolverine)

Thanks to Brett, who once hired Wolverine to do some demolition work on his house but the dude just sat around smoking cigars and being a jerk.

  • PurpleJim8

    The Wolverine one was terrible, didnt even look like Logan.

    Logan is supposed to look rugged and strong, not girlish and pansy looking.

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