July 28, 2009


Dearest Reader,

That could be a cash register for all I know, the important thing is that I WOULD TOTALLY EAT THOSE GUMDROP KEYS. Also, this is my 4,000th post as your Geekologie Writer. FOUR-THOUSANDTH! I honestly can't think of a single other thing I've done that many times. Not one. I swear, it seems like only yesterday (it was actually back in February) I was tooting my own horn for 3,000 posts fairly well done.

I'd like to thank all you regulars (you know who you are) for constantly filling the comments sections with crap (although you should start more fights, I miss the fights). You've racked up 115,543 comments on the posts I've written, 100,000 of which are My Brute links. But seriously, thank you all for reading everyday (EVERYDAY -- not every-other day or a couple times a week, EVERYDAY). And for those of you new to Geekologie, it's a pleasure to meet you, say hi sometime. Thank you all (and Anticlown Media) for giving me the means to lay around the house all day and fill your interweb with awesome. Here's to the next thousand!


Your Geekologie Writer

P.S. A very special thanks to Cocoa, for teaching me everything I know about NOT GIVING A DANG.

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