Hello Kitty Stormtrooper Spotted At Comic Con

July 24, 2009


Because it's Friday, I'm making two Star Wars posts in a row and you are going to like it. Go on, admit it -- you like it. I KNEW IT! I'm telling everybody. Also, that you're a terrible kisser.

When people with booths at the Comic Con decide that making a pink Hello Kitty stormtrooper is a good idea, there is no doubt that the evil feline has clawed her way into the imagination of far too many people for the the world to be safe.

I don't know, I kind of like it. And by kind of like it I mean you show up at my doorstep wearing that and I don't care if you're swinging a Bantha-sized lightsaber between your legs, I AM ALL SYSTEMS GO.

Hello Kitty Pink Stormtrooper [hellokittyhell]

Thanks to towhee, who just wishes it came with a gun.

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