Great Gifts On A Budget: Ghetto Baskets

July 17, 2009


Ghetto Baskets are gift baskets packed chock-full of stuff you can buy at your local convenience store. The standard Ghetto Basket costs $39, and the Ghetto Fabulous basket $46 (comes with a bow).

You never know exactly what each Ghetto Basket will include. It all depends on our shaky contacts and what falls off of trucks around the neighborhood. But it might have:

Hot Sauce, Pregnancy Test, Grape Drink, Batteries, Beef Jerky, Potted Meay, Pork Rinds, Noodles in a Cup, After Shave, Plastic Commemorative Plate, Religious Candle, Porcelain Figurine, Kung-Fu DVD, Cassette or VHS Tape, Doo Rag, Vapor Rub, Energy Drank, Soap, Outdated Calendar

Each basket comes lovingly packed in an aluminum baking pan and is sure to do disappoint its recipient. Alternatively, assemble your own basket for $14 and just tell the giftee you paid $40 at a novelty website. Now that's ghetto!

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Thanks samual and chris, your pregnancy tests are in the mail. And no, I didn't already use them (of course I did).

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