Cuuuuuuute!: Felt Playstation iPhone Case

July 3, 2009

playstation iphone.jpg

This is a felt Playstation iPhone case made by Etsy user rabbitrampage. As you can see (provided you're not rocking dualie eyepatches) it was very well constructed. And whenever she actually has one in stock, it'll run you $20 -- plus another $7 per controller. Still, damn cute. I'd even consider buying one if I didn't just get a new purse.

Hit the jump for a shot of an iPhone exiting the case. Or is it entering? We may never know.

playstation iphone 2.jpg

Etsy Store
iPhone PlayStation Case Gives Me Warm Fuzzies [iphonesavior]

Thanks to Michael and Margo the Jeweler, who carry their iPhones the old fashioned way: on mules.

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