By Popular Demand: Novelty Eagle Heads

July 23, 2009


Due to to the excessive interest in the novelty eagle heads available in Ghetto Baskets, Geekologie loyalist Pew³ managed to track down some relatively inexpensive ($5.68) ones for all your bird head needs. Per the review I just wrote and submitted:

By far one of the best novelty eagle heads I've owned. The beak is yellowish, I swear the eyes follow me around the room and it's plumage cascades down the rocks like a waterfall. 4.33 (repeating of course) out of 5 CAWS. CAW CAW CAW CAW C!

Wow, I should really write product descriptions. Also, romance novels. So a dinosaur walks into a bar....

Product Site

Thanks to Pew³, who knows a quality resin eagle head when he sees one.

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