Brand Keyboard Replaces Letters With Logos

July 21, 2009


The Brand Keyboard, designed by Ignacio Pilotto, has logos instead of letters on all the keys. That's neat.

BRANDS : Adidas - Burger king - Coca Cola - Disney - Ebay - Facebook - Google - Hp - Intel - J&b - Kodak - Lacoste - Mac donald´s - Nike - O2 - Pepsi - Quaker - Rolling stone - Shell - Twitter - Unilever - Virgin - WordPress - Xerox - You tube - Zippo

The repetition of the logos used by the advertising psychology, causes us to systematically recognize the brands, getting us to recognize the logos rather than our own alphabet.

Psychology, I love psychology. One time I brainwashed a whole craft room full of senior citizens into thinking I was Jesus, then demanded a tithe. Whee! Next stop: hell.

The Brand Keyboard [geekygadgets]

Thanks to GreenBoss, who controls his rainbow of minions from his throne in the Emerald City.

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