You + Me - Clothes + Mario = Romance

June 16, 2009

mario sheets.jpg

This handmade bed blanket was created by Etsy seller punzie and looks great (punzie also does custom work and has a bunch of other designs if you look in the sold items section). Granted, it would look even better with you underneath it. I'm not talking dead hooker style either, I'm talking real romantical like. What do you say, come over around 8? We'll fire up some oldschool NES, drink some sparkling cider (my parents don't allow alcohol in the house) and then retire to my luxurious twin-size. Oooh, you like a little role playing, do you? Well then, let me just slip into my Raccoon Mario costume. Okay, now pretend you're a garbage can.

Hit the jump for a ton more blankets (including some Zelda, Mega Man and Metroid action) and another link to the Etsy store.

mario blanket 2.jpg

mario blanket 3.jpg

mario blanket 4.jpg

mario blanket 5.jpg

bubble bobble.jpg

mega man 1.jpg

mega man 2.jpg

link 1.jpg

link 2.jpg

link 3.jpg

samus 1.jpg


Etsy Store

Thanks to Anthony, whose parents make him keep his bedroom door open if he has girls over.

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