You Fool!: Man Builds Giant Mecha In Garage

June 10, 2009

homemade mecha 1.jpg

You thought I was kidding about it being Robotic Apocalypse Awareness Day, didn't you? I wasn't. First the Israeli snake robot, then Gundam, and now, another mecha. Plus, the day isn't over yet. Holy shit, more to come. Truth? You can't handle the truth!

Carlos Owens, 31, an army mechanic by trade, began building his own personal mecha in his garage in 2004. Five years, later, TA-DA -- tetanus on two feet.

Owens is working on two more prototypes, modifying the design to make it lighter and more maneuverable. For the new prototype of his mechanical suit, Carlos Owens is planning to feature a chest plate that swings open so he doesn't have to climb in from underneath.

He foresees mechas having uses in the military and the construction industry but acknowledges that right now they're best suited to entertainment. The first application he has in mind: mecha-vs.-mecha battles, demolition-derby style.

Demolition-derby style mecha wars, huh? Well at least you've got your priorities straight, Carlos. And, since I was born complete with pirate cannonballs, I challenge your mecha to the death. Go on, climb up in there. The fight will begin as soon as....*PEW PEW PEW PEW!* Now somebody haul this scrap to the junkyard.

Hit the jump for a closeup of Carlos in the thing. Alternatively: face tetanus.

homemade mecha 2.jpg

Army Mechanic's Garage Tinkering Yields 18-Foot Mecha Exoskeleton [popsci]

Thanks to SamPless, jondeelee, Bixnood, trishna87 and Sterling, who like to watch me squirm. Sexually.

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