Well It's About Freaking Time: Beer Pouches

June 16, 2009

beer pouches.jpg

CarboPouches are pouches made to be filled with delicious life-nectar. They were designed by the Beverage Pouch Group (not to be confused with Capri-Sun) for nanobreweries (read: you) that don't want to invest in expensive bottling equipment.

The best part is the "organoleptic film structure" that doesn't change the taste of the beer at all. The slightly flexible pouch gives the beer room to fizz, and it's easy to fill with the cap on the bottom.

I don't care if they find out organoleptic film causes cancer, I am gonna drink the hell out of these beer pouches. BEER ON THE GO BABY. Move over, disposable coffee cup!

Beer in a pouch doesn't add metallic tastes, easy to fill [dvice]

Thanks to Romeo, who drinks his beer the way God intended: all day long.

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