ToneMatrix: Best Waste Of An Afternoon Yet

June 15, 2009

fresh beats.jpg

I've been getting this tip for a while but I always forget to post it because usually when I cook something in the microwave I rest my head against it and it makes me forget things and, more often than not, pee and overcook my burrito. So yeah, ToneMatrix is a simple audio program based on a 16 step sequencer. You just start clicking boxes and they play the appropriate tones in rhythm. That's an example of a beat I made there, but it's not my best. I'd show you a few of my best BUT THEY ARE TOO FRESH FOR YOU! Beats, like women, are a dish best served mature. You see where I'm going with this? I'm talking about cougars. And speaking of which -- did I ever tell you about the first time I did one? I had a friend lower me into their pen at the zoo. RAWR!

ToneMatrix [andre-michelle]

Thanks to Emmortality, Aramar the Black, Clint, chloe and Towhee Monster, whose beats are so fresh they haven't even been born yet. OR CONCEIVED. They're still living in some guy's nuts!

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