Stealth Dodge Challenger Built By Air Force

June 8, 2009

air force challenger 1.jpg

Want to join the Air Force? Look at the picture above. How about now? Still no? Well damn, the Air Force is gonna be pissed -- this was supposed to be a powerful recruitment tool.

The Challenger Vapor features radar-absorbing stealth-black paint, not unlike what is used to mask stealth bombers. The Vapor is set to run almost silently, thanks to "stealth exhaust" - whatever that means. Reminds us of when KITT used to go "Silent Mode" on Knight Rider. You need biometric verification to enter the cockpit via gull wing doors. The driver can view night/thermal vision projections on the windshield while sitting in a compartment that looks like something out of Crimson Tide.

Listen, Air Force, I'm not one to tell somebody how to do their job, but if you want new recruits, you're going about it all wrong. Two words: Free jetpacks. You think about it.

UPDATE: Looks like they also made a Mustang with a jet-like cockpit. Added pics after jump.

Hit the jump for a couple more shots and a short video of the thing.

air force challenger 3.jpg

air force challenger 2.jpg

air force mustang 1.jpg

air force mustang 2.jpg

air force mustang 3.jpg

air force mustang 4.jpg

Dodge Challenger Vapor - The Rolling Jet
Poppin Or Floppin: X-1 Mustang Concept (W/ Jet Cockpit) [realtalkny]

Thanks to Watch-303, who once drove a real jet on the highway and got pulled over. But when the cop was writing the ticket he kicked on the afterburners and burnt up the police car. And to Chuck Nunchuck, who caught the whole thing on cellphone camera.

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