Pimp Out Your Bike Wheels With Monkeylectric

June 8, 2009

pimp wheels.jpg

Looking to add some flashy flair to your bicycle but already have a sweet horn? How about some LEDs for your wheels? Monkeylectric bike LEDs are capable of producing cool designs, including, and not just limited to: stars and shit.

It's essentially a AA battery-powered 256 RGB system that straps to a bike's spokes and has a sweet spot of between 8 and 20 mph: At 8, you'll just start to see the patterns in the center, and at 20 the light show will have taken over your entire wheel. It's customizable, but only to a point, as you have to use the on-board buttons to alter the patterns rather than loading images via USB or whatever.

A kit costs $60, which really isn't too bad considering all the seizures you'll cause. I just ordered two. Are you thinking what I'm thinking? If you answered, "a pot leaf on the front wheel and skull & crossbones on the back", you're not. I'm going dual mudflap chicks, baby!

Hit the jump for a picture of the device and a worthwhile video of them in action.

pimp wheels 2.jpg

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Monkeylectric Turns Your Bike Wheel Into a Display While You Ride [gizmodo]

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