Pew Pew, Kids, Pew Pew!: TIE Fighter Fort

June 30, 2009

tie fighter pew pew.jpg

Do you spoil your kids? You shouldn't. Which is exactly why you should buy this $75 TIE Fighter playset for yourself and never let them touch touch it. Rope it off in the corner of the living room and sit in it making PEW PEW PEWs while they stare longingly at all the fun you're having. Ask them who wants to play space battle and then tell them you've changed your mind and you'd trade either one of them for a new lawnmower in a heartbeat. Then, send them to bed with no dinner. It's what my parents did, and look how well I turned out. I AM A CATCH. And by catch I mean hellhound. Ladies? GRRRRRRR!

Tie Fighter Playhouse Recruiting For The Dark Side Early [io9]

Thanks to Julian, who can play space with the best of them.

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