Over The Line!: Road Sign Hacked In DC

June 19, 2009

sign hack.jpg

Apparently somebody hacked a couple DC traffic signs to say dirty words. In case you were wondering, there's a UC missing in the first line and an ALL in the third. Some people, no class.

If you think your commute can be offensive, you should have been driving northbound on the Virginia side of the Key Bridge Thursday morning.

It appeared that someone hacked into an electronic sign near the Rosslyn exit for the Key Bridge and posted an inappropriate message.

Another sign at Chain Bridge Road and the GW Parkway had a similar message but was turned off earlier.

Oh hell yeah GW Parkway. I OWN YOUR ROADZ! You hear that, George Washington -- it's mine now. Put that in your cherry pipe and smoke it!

Hackers steer commuters toward offensive sign [wtop]

Thanks to Zekcus, who hacked a Circus of Values vending machine in Bioshock to stop making that scary laugh.

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