Ooooh, He's Light Up: Gundam At Night

June 14, 2009


Thought the Japanese Gundam statue looked good during the day? Well check it out at night! The statue is chock-full of blinky blinks and other lighting effects to help assure the citizens of Japan they're safe from attack. Unless it's an inside job. *ahem* I'm looking at you, RX-78.

Hit the jump for a bunch more and a link to the HQ versions in case you want to print em out and make love to them. Sicko.

gundam 1.jpg

gundam 2.jpg

gundam 4.jpg

gundam 5.jpg

gundam 6.jpg

Photos: Nocturnal Gundam [pinktentacle]

Thanks to shogunu, who wants to see it hump the Statue of Liberty.

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