Now That's Good Eats: 2-Inch Thick Pizza

June 25, 2009

thick pizza.jpg

This is a picture of a slice of pizza with 2-inches of delicious deliciousness piled on. I don't understand the logistics of even cooking a pizza with 2-inches of topping, but I do understand the logistics of eating one. GET INSIDE ME. It buuuuurns!

What we got here is a fantastic pizza with 2 inches of topping. I used three kinds of cheese (around 400g in total), 400g ham, 200g salami, 700g pineapple, 200g shrimp, spices, tomato paste and 200g of button mushroom.

Mmmm, did anyone else just puke in their mouth? I know I did. It was Lucky Charms-y!

Pizza with 2 inches of topping [metrobloggen]

Thanks to Bernie, who likes his pizza with 4-inches of topping. Jesus, Bernie, that's almost a foot.

  • Mine are usually about that thick, no matter how hard I try to make them thin. Of course, mine are loaded with vegetables (nearly all) and half a pound of ground beef. So one is obviously healthier ;)

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