June 5, 2009

new monkey island!.jpg

Let's kick this Friday off right, huh? THERE IS A NEW GAME IN THE MONKEY ISLAND SERIES COMING JULY 7th! Not only that, Lucasarts is releasing a remake of the original Secrets of Monkey Island, also set to drop this summer (for XBox Arcade, PC and Mac). Quick, grog me so we can cheers!

Tales of Monkey Island (PC and WiiWare) will be released in five monthly serials by Telltale Games beginning July 7th in the same fashion as the recenter Sam & Max and Strongbad games. You can preorder now for $35. I just preordered with two different credit cards in case I screwed something up the first time. And I may do it a third just to be safe. Now, granted the style of graphics really isn't my favorite, but that's okay. MONKEY ISLAND, YO! One of the Jonas Brothers could play Guybrush and I'd still buy it. Kidding, I'd cannonball myself in the face.

Hit the jump for two VIDEOS, one about each of the games coming out.

Official Lucasarts Site
Official Telltale Games Site
LeChuck Me: Monkey Island Returns [rockpapershotgun]

Thanks to Christina, JJ, StumpMan and ashums, who all agree that's the second biggest monkey head they've ever seen.

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