Need A Terrible Jabba The Hutt Costume?

June 5, 2009

jabba costume.jpg

If so, you're in luck because the $70 Jabba the Hutt Supreme Edition costume is just that. Jesus, I'd hate to see what the non-supreme edition looks like.

Become one of the richest gangsters of a Galaxy Far, Far Away with the Jabba the Hutt Supreme Edition Costume! This full-body costume will transform you into the famous Hutt with a body piece (complete with tail), headpiece, and a battery-operated fan to keep you cool.

Ha, I've got news for you: no amount of fans is gonna keep you cool if you buy this costume. Unless you somehow finagle some Princess Leia cosplay action out of the deal, in which case, I'm in. Now, GW the Hutt needs some bikini-clad slaves. Ladies?

Product Site
Jabba the fursuit [boingboing]

Thanks to Mark, who once bounty hunted the last dinosaur and broke my heart in the process.

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