I'm On To You: SNES Really A PC In Disguise

June 16, 2009

snes pc 1.jpg

It may look like a Super Nintendo, but really IT'S A TRAP! PC. I particularly like the CD slot.

...here is a cool case mod by quangDX and DuPPs. Using the Super Nintendo and the Acer Aspire One A150, they have created a SNES PC Case Mod. The controller ports have been converted to USB adapters (via a faux controller cable), the cartridge is a CD drive and the cables are plugged in through the back.

Now as good as it does look, I must admit to being anti-stuffing one console into another one's body. It leads to identity crisis -- and identity crisis leads to hookin' on the street corner for pirated software. And if you're reading this: please come home my little MacBook Dreamcast!

Hit the jump for several more shots of the trickery.

snes pc 2.jpg

snes pc 3.jpg

snes pc 4.jpg

snes pc 5.jpg

The SNES PC Case Mod [gossipgamers]

Thanks to Margo the Jeweler, who would ruby-fy the shit out this thing.

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