I'd Eat It: A Meatwad Inspired Meat Dress

June 8, 2009

meatwad 1.jpg

This is a Meatwad (of Aqua teen Hunger Force fame) inspired cosplay dress. As you can see, the chick isn't looking too Meatwad-y. More Meatstick-y. AND THE DRESS IS MADE FROM REAL FREAKING MEAT. AAAAAAAAAAH I'M IN LOVE!

I considered somehow vacuum-sealing sheets of meat with those sealers they have on the markets now, but the machines were too expensive for a one-time-only disposeable dress. I ended up using the K.I.S.S. method of construction, which involved a basic shift dress out of thick cotton. I layed the meat on top, then put clear vinyl over it and sewed tracks with clear thread. I used a wide stitch length to avoid perforating the meat to the point it might just... uh, slide down the bottom of the dress. I also blotted it all before sewing to get rid of as much grease as possible to avoid clouding the vinyl. Lastly, I made sure to bind the bottom of the dress with a strip of clear vinyl to catch drips.

That was hands down the sexiest thing I've ever read. Now I'm not saying I'd make love to this woman just because she made a dress out of meat, but I 100% would. Twice. And then have her make sandwiches out of...you guessed it! I know, I should write fairy tales.

Hit the jump for a couple more shots and a link to Jia Jem's cosplay site which has A TON of other sexy costumes she's made. Literally, a ton. I think I have a new crush.

meatwad 2.jpg

meatwad 3.jpg

meatwad 4.jpg

Meatwad Costume
Jia Jem's Cosplay

Thanks to Metryq, who OM NOM NOM NOM.

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