I Want: These Custom Metal Gear Solid Shoes

June 5, 2009

metal gear shoes 1.jpg

These custom painted Metal Gear Solid shoes were made by UCLA student and artist Jacob Patterson (no relation to Robert Pattinson) and shown off at the E3 convention. I want like four for each foot. You know, because I have big feet. ;) Ladies, that wink was for you.

He is apparently going to talk with Kojima and team to discuss the possibility of mass-producing these shoes via the Puma brand. So if things go well expect to be able to buy these at a store near you sometime in the future!

Well I usually only wear flip flips and aqua socks, but I'd make an exception for these bad boys. And speaking of bad boys -- I've been one lately. Now which one of you lovely ladies wants to ride on my motorcycle. And by motorcycle I mean lawn mower. And by 'ride on' I mean cut the backyard. Any takers? Come on -- I'll make lemonade!

Hit the jump for two closeups.

metal gear shoes 2.jpg

metal gear shoes 3.jpg

Metal Gear Shoes - Yes Please! [playstationlifestyle]

Thanks to Margo the Jeweler, who would have mand them shinier and with more diamonds. I'm with you, Margo.

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