Halo On The Dallas Cowboys Video Wall

June 23, 2009

This is someone playing Halo for the XBox 360 on the Dallas Cowboys stadium video wall. It is fairly large. Not as big as my TV, but close. Per tipster Mike the Robot Destroyer:

Long time follower of your site. I check it about 400 times a day to keep apprised of all activity pertaining to robots and their very disturbing evolutionary path towards the ability to kill all humanity. We both know they are already self aware and feel the urge to kill us, they are just waiting for us to give them the tools. I'm convinced robot scientists have been hypnotized by mind robots - either that, or robot scientists are really just future robots sent back in time to invent future robots..... hmmmmmm

No idea what that has to do with playing giant Halo, but at least he's got his head in the right place.


Thanks Mike the Robot Destroyer, now get out there and make your Geekologie Writer proud!

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