Good Times, Sexy Times: Jurassic Fight Club

June 15, 2009

dino fightclub.jpg

Jurassic Fight Club: Turf Wars is a little in-browser video game (in the style of Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat) made by The History Channel to promote their new series Jurassic Fight Club premiering on Tuesday, July 29th at 9PM eastern. Needless to say, I will be turning on, tuning in and dripping out the leg of my pants. And, while I typically don't condone dinosaur on dinosaur violence, this was strangely erotic. You like how I caught a screencap of the two dinosaurs kissing? I do. JURASSIC FAP!

Jurassic Fight Club

Thanks to Gabby, who beat the whole game. Nice, Gabby, I tried, but my directional pad got stuck.

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