Gallery: Sexy Star Trek and Star Wars Corsets

June 5, 2009


It's Friday, and, since I love you all, how about some sexy Star Trek and Star Wars themed corsets made by Etsy seller Evening Arwen? The Star Trek corsets go for $200 a pop and the Star Wars models (which include the rest of the costumes, but not the actual women), are $500 (trooper) and $600 (Vader). So hit the jump to see them and get all beep boop and blah blah blah is anybody still reading this? No? Okay good. I SAID HIT THE JUMP ALREADY.

Hit the jump. Do it now!

red 1.jpg

red 2.jpg

red 3.jpg

red 4.jpg

blue 1.jpg

yellow 1.jpg

yellow 2.jpg

storm 1.jpg

storm 2.jpg

darth 1.jpg

darth 2.jpg

Evening Arwen's Website
Etsy Store

Thanks to Tank, Pew³, Ste, twellve and Dan, who

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