Finally, I Can Sleep At Night: New 'People Simultaneously Air Guitaring' Record Set

June 15, 2009

air guitar record.jpg

Music fans
at the recent UK Download Festival gathered around an EA booth to celebrate the future release of Brutal Legend and set a new 'people simultaneously playing the same song on air guitar' Guinness World Record. In this case, there were 440 people (beating last year's 318) playing Motörhead's "Ace of Spades".

'That was one of the raddest jams I've ever been involved with. The crowd played their air guitars better than Eddie Van Halen! Then they destroyed 'em good and proper. Who cares, right? They can go to the air guitar shop and get another one. Sick to the infinity of sickness! I want a crowd like that at every gig I'm at. Awesometacular - air guitar world records rule!'

Wow, that might very well be the least raddest quote I've ever been involved with. Besides that one about me experimenting with a robot. WHICH IS A LIE. The video too.

Brutal Legend Fans Set Air Guitar World Record [kotaku]

Thanks to Julian, who has officially set the record for number of Geekologie tips used.

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