Fake?: Boy Freaks Out Over Cancelled WoW

June 22, 2009

This is a video of a boy losing his shit because his mom canceled his World of Warcraft subscription. I have my doubts about it's genuineness, but he does try to stuff a remote control up his ass at 1:10, so it could be real.


Thanks to Amanda, Ed, Miriam, Chase, Jon and MoD, who are cool as cucumbers in a bowl of hot sauce.

  • Just adding my two cents.

    On that remote bit, if you knew you were being filmed to go on youtube, would you really do that? Even if just for the lulz and to make it seem more genuine, I doubt anyone has that little self respect.

    Ok, having said that, people like Paris Hilton and Miley Cyrus exist, so I could still be wrong.

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