Death Is No Match For Captain America

June 16, 2009

captain america.jpg

That's right folks, like a phoenix rising from the ashes of a burnt comic, the original Captain America is coming back for more ass-kicking action.

"REBORN is the next chapter in the larger story that I've been building in [CAPTAIN AMERICA] since issue #1," explains the writer, who launched this current volume in 2004. "This is a chance to really explore how things have changed in the years since Steve's death and really delve deep into who Steve Rogers is and why he became Captain America. It's a really a [story] with two or three different plotlines that all intertwine, which is a lot of fun and allows us to have [both] in-your-face action and quiet character moments."

"We've been planning the story of Cap's return virtually from the moment that he died"

Wow, does nobody stay dead anymore? I mean, Jesus. Seriously, you started this.

Reborn Revealed [marvel] (click for a much more detailed look at the series)

Thanks to FDSY, who plans to zombie it up himself someday.

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