Cuuute!: Hello Kitty 'Castle' Opens In Shanghai

June 9, 2009

hello kitty 1.jpg

It looks more like a house to me, but like the saying goes, "one man's house is another He-Man's Castle Grayskull". So who am I to argue? BESIDES THE BEST DAMN (MASS) DEBATER MY HIGH SCHOOL EVER SAW! Anyway, this is a Hello Kitty castle that recently opened to the feline loving public in Shanghai, China. I have no idea why, I guess it's like a museum or something. A museum of cuteness! See ladies, I can be sensitive. Even more sensitive than old people teeth. But I can still eat ice cream. I'll be at the parlor, call me.

Hit the jump to see several more of the cat ladyness.

hello kitty 2.jpg

hello kitty 3.jpg

hello kitty 4.jpg

hello kitty 6.jpg

hello kitty 5.jpg

Hello Kitty castle [toomuchfreetime]

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