Childhood Fears Recreated As Photographs

June 14, 2009

scary 1.jpg

Joshua Hoffine is a photographer who recreates scenes of childhood fears. They are scary.

My images are not photoshop collages.I use photoshop to finesse details and to adjust color and contrast for printing.I use friends and family members as actors and crew.Everyone works for free. We do it for fun.

Wow -- I know one guy who's gonna be sleeping with his light on tonight. His fleshlight. God, I can't believe I even know what that is. No, no I'm not.

Hit the jump for several of my favorites, then hit the link for a bunch more.

scary 2.jpg

scary 3.jpg

scary 4.jpg

scary 5.jpg

Joshua's Porfolio

Childhood Fears [soothbrush]

Thanks to Sarah, who laughs in the face of fear and then calls it a little bitch.

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