Carnivorous Robots Eat Meat For Power

June 29, 2009

killer robots.jpg

That's right folks, robots that consume organic matter to power themselves. Scared yet? You should be. Your pants should be full right now. If not, more fiber. This particular model is a flytrap that digests insects to power a clock.

UK-based designers James Auger and Jimmy Loizeau believe that, if robots are ever to be welcomed into people's homes, they'll need to fit in with the rest of the furniture, and earn their keep. Their prototypes trap and digest pests like flies and mice to gain energy.

Finally, robots that digest meat -- because that's what I want in the house. So let me get this straight: you're a robot AND YOU EAT MEAT. Welcome home!

Hit the jump for another picture of the flytrap and a coffee table that eats mice.

killer robots 2.jpg

killer robots 3.jpg

Carnivorous robots eager to eat your pests [newscientist]

Thanks to everyone who sent this in, you've got good heads on your shoulders. Until they're blasted off in the apocalypse.

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