Because You're A Badass: Leather Band-Aids

June 12, 2009

leatheraids 1.jpg

Let's face it, you're a badass. And a badass needs something equally bangarang to cover his booboos when he falls and skins his leg or cuts himself with a laserbeam. Enter leather band-aids. A pack of 3 will set you back $18, which is a little steep considering they don't come with matching chaps. Also available: genuine Louis Vuitton leather band-aids (SADLY NOT JOKING). Personally, I like to dress my wounds oldschool: in tuxedos.

Hit the jump for one more shot.

leatheraids 2.jpg

Leather Bandage [amronexperimental]

Thanks to scott, who dresses his wounds in his girlfriend's bra and panties and marches them around his her apartment while she's at work.

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