Well It's About Freaking Time: Tetris Soap

May 21, 2009

tetris soap 1.jpg

Tetris soap is tetrad shaped soap pieces that make a perfect addition to the seashell soaps in your guest bathroom that I'm never sure if I'm supposed to use but do anyway. They're made by Digital Soaps, the same folks that brought us the video game controller soaps. 8 ounces of tetrads will set you back $10, but they also have little Space Invader bars that will run you $10.50 for 24 pieces. Hit the jump to see more of both. Then, go with the tetrads. Trust me: L pieces were practically made for the gooch.

Hit it for a bunch more cleanliness.

tetris soap 2.jpg

tetris soap 3.jpg

tetris soap 4.jpg

invader soap 1.jpg

invader soap 2.jpg

invader soap 3.jpg

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