These Beats Are Fresh!: Slap Chop Remix

May 4, 2009

This is music-video remix of Vince "bitch, that's my tongue" Shlomi's famous Slap Chop commercial. It drove me crazy and I was this close to jamming a butter knife into a wall outlet. But, I must admit, whoever made it did do a good editing job. So, whoever you are, my hat's off to you. But my pants -- well, I'm saving those for you, ma'am.*

*Meet me in the back of the bus.

Slap Chop Remix Breathes New Life Into Worthless Gadget, Vince's Career? [gizmodo]

Thanks to Julian and Noah, who once slap chopped a bunch of ninjas in the face and made them cry throwing stars. True story.

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