The Future Of Time Is Now: E-Ink Watches

May 19, 2009

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These e-ink timepieces were created by Phosphor Watches and feature patented e-ink technology. What is e-ink? THE INK THAT SITS IN FRONT OF F-INK DURING ROLL CALL!

The principal components of electronic ink are millions of tiny microcapsules, about the diameter of a human hair. In one incarnation, each microcapsule contains positively charged white particles and negatively charged black particles suspended in a clear fluid. When a negative electric field is applied, the white particles move to the top of the microcapsule where they become visible to the user. At the same time, an opposite electric field pulls the black particles to the bottom of the microcapsules where they are hidden. By reversing this process, the black particles appear at the top of the capsule, which now makes the surface appear dark at that spot.

BA-DOOOOOOSH, ELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGY ON YOUR WRIST! The watches come in three different styles and range in price from $175-$225 depending on the model and wristband you choose. Personally, I want mine on a slap bracelet. You know what they say: you can take the boy out of the early 90's, but you can't take the dinosaur out of the boy. Seriously, we're totally stuck together. Got any butter handy? No? BBQ sauce?

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Thanks to ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff, whose e ink watch broke and ruined his shirt. Faulty manufacturing, I smell class action!

  • Laurent Maulin

    I'm still finding it hard, having to choose between the Xperia ZU and the next gen Galaxy Note 3

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