The Cap-Sac Is A Fanny Pack For Your Head

May 25, 2009

cap 1.jpg

The Cap-sac came out in 1987 but didn't sell very well because there was no internet then. But now, thanks to a magical series of tubes, the Cap-sac is back to the future and helping people get laid and store things at the same time. It's a fanny pack for your head, yo. Available in both neon and non-neon colors, the $13 hats promise to add a bit of retro flair and storage space to almost any domepiece. I wear two at once because I'm so fresh and also I don't like things in my pockets that make me jingle. You hear that, Santa? I can hear your ass coming from a mile away!

Hit the jump for a couple more shots because I roll deep.

cap 2.jpg

cap 3.jpg

cap 4.jpg

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Thanks to Jessica, whose mom actually co-invented these things.

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