Steampunk 'Massager' Really Steam Powered

May 4, 2009

steampunk wand.jpg

This steampunk vibrator was created by metal worker Ani Niow and really works, provided you don't mind melting your hand off to pleasure yourself (I came close once after a 14 hour marathon).

While it technically does run off steam, Niow cautions you'll need to wear insulated welding gloves to handle it without getting burned. This is why she's temporarily using compressed air for now.

If she can secure a smaller portable boiler she'll give the thing a run at full power, as was intended.

Good looking, Ani, I like a hint of danger in my sex life. Reminds me of the time I used a live crocodile for a condom.

Fully Functional Steampunk Vibrator Might Scald Your Privates [gizmodo]

Thanks to Julian, who tried dating a toaster but ended up getting burned.

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