Spock: Upside Down And Looking Spool-y

May 7, 2009

spock art.jpg

Deborah Sperber made this rendering of everyone's favorite elf (sacrilege!), Spock, using 1,102 spools of colored thread. But to view Spock's visage properly, one must gaze into a crystal viewing ball while rubbing it and repeating "I love The Geekologie Writer" three times. Then, I will leap out of the piece, shirtless atop my snow-white unicorn. You will squeal with delight and rush towards me with open arms. Unfortunately, this will spook my mount, which will gore you upon its crystalline horn. I will not touch your dead boob.

Spock Spools [ibored]

Thanks to Mike, who knows quality romance when he reads it.

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