She Laid An Egg!: A Cute Yoshi Nursery

May 30, 2009

yoshi nursery 1.jpg

This is a cute Yoshi nursery made by Flickr user meadblog for his first little bundle of pain joy. And, according to a recent study conducted by yours truly, raising your child in a video game-themed nursery helps the youngster develop better hand eye coordination and ability to pwn others in the future. Isn't that right, little Geekologie Jr.? "pew pew!" Awh, that's my boy!

Hit the jump for a couple more shots and a link to his Flickr gallery, with has a ton of work-in-progress pictures.

yoshi nursery 2.jpg

yoshi nursery 3.jpg

meadblog's Flickr Gallery

Thanks to Allison, who plans on making a Zelda-themed nursery to ensure her child grows up full of power, wisdom and courage.

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