Russian Whale Tails Taking Web By Storm

May 14, 2009

whale tail 1.jpg

Vilena, the woman above, is the originator of a Russian internet phenomenon I'm dubbing "whale tailing". Basically, she took the picture you see there (with her ass all up in the air, hence the "whale tail"), posted it on some social networking site, and, next thing you know, BAM, all the women are doing it. *sniff* Brings a tear to my eye. Now I don't belong to any Russian networking sites, so I say we bring the trend over here. Now THAT'S an internet phenomenon I can get behind! And thrust. HIYO!

Hit the jump for several more slightly NSFW examples, the last of which will make you sad.

whale tail 2.jpg

whale tail 3.jpg

whale tail 4.jpg

whale tail 5.jpg

whale tail 6.jpg

New Russian Girls Photo Trend
Crazy Girl's Butt Photo Meme Takes Russia by Storm [gizmodo]

Thanks to el, Milkmoney, Anna, Chris, and noodles, who are all perverts. And Enrique, who isn't. Just kidding, totally is.

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