Retro Gaming Refrigerator Magnet Sets

May 22, 2009

magnets 1.jpg

Looking for some retro-gaming flair you can stick to the fridge? Enter MagnetGames' Etsy shop. Seen here is a small sampling of a 22-piece, $30 Super Mario magnet set. Mario not doing it for you? Hit the jump for some Zelda, Pac-Man and Tetris action. Shit, there might even be an $8 cheeseburger coaster set. And no, I didn't just post this because I threatened the maker with future defamation of character unless I got a complimentary Zelda set. Susan, I hope you're reading this.

Hit the jump for a whole bunch more and link to the store.

magnets 2.jpg

magnets 3.jpg

magnets 4.jpg

magnets 5.jpg

magnets 6.jpg

magnets 7.jpg

Etsy Store

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