Reader Makes Periodic Table Of Superheroics

May 6, 2009

superheroics 1.jpg

Geekologie Reader Mike took the time to make an awesome periodic table of superheroics. This is it. The picture is small though so click HERE to see the full, high-res version. Also, there's an alphabetical key provided after the jump, in case you can't figure out who some of them are. I dig it, Mike, but would it have killed you to include The Geekologie Writer for Ge? Just saying, one time I blogged from my roommate's closet while he had sex with his girlfriend and I screeched like a Pterodactyl the whole time. Does that make me the most super hero ever? Yes.

Hit the jump for the key.

Abbey Chase Ac
Alfred Al
Captain America Am
Silver Banshee Sb
Ares Ar
Alan Scott As
Attuma At
Batman Ba
Black Knight Bk
Beast Boy Be
Bullseye Bi
Baron Zemo Bh
The Boys B
Brainiac Br
Crimson Dynamo Cd
Cyclops Cs
Captain Marvel Ca
Carol Ferris Cf
Calvin C
Cheetah Ce
Joker Cl
Crystal Cr
Colossus Co
Captain Canuck Cu
Catman Cm
Darkseid Ds
Donald Blake Db
Elijah Snow Es
Evil Ernie Er
Egg Fu Eu
Forbush Man Fm
Fantastic Four F
Firestorm Fr
Guy Gardner Gd
Galactus Ga
General Zod Ge
Booster Gold Au
Hellfire Club Hf
Hugo Strange Hs
Hellboy He
Hourman Ho
Hulk H
Invincible In
Iron Fist I
Iron Man Ir
Felix Faust Fe
Krypto Kr
Lightning Lad La
L-Ron Lr
Paibok Pb
Loki Li
Lex Luthor Lu
Magneto Mg
Midnighter Mn
Man Thing Mt
Magdelena Md
Mercury Hg
M.O.D.O.K Mo
Nimrod Nd
Negative Man Ne
Neptune Np
Nick Fury Ni
Nubia Nb
Nightwing N
Nova No
Norman Osborn Os
Orion O
Princess Diana Pd
Power Girl P
PhantomStranger Pt
Punisher Pu
Deadpool Po
Kilowog K
Prophet Pr
Power Man Pm
Parallax Pa
Ras Al Ghul Ra
Raven Rn
Renee Montoya Re
Rorshach Rh
Robin Rb
Rogue Ru
Reuben Flagg Rf
Ragdoll Rg
spiderman Sm
Shang Chi Sc
Super Girl Sg
Sentinel Se
Sinestro Si
Silver Surfer Ag
Namor Na
Sabretooth Sr
Superman S
Thanos Ta
The Crow Tc
Ted Kord Te
Thunderbird Tb
Talia Tl
The Hood Th
Tom Strong Tm
Mr. Sinister Sn
Tick Ti
Wolverine W
Ultra Boy Uub
Ultra Humanite Uuh
Ultron Uuo
Puck Uup
Quasar Uuq
Supreme Uus
Ultraman Uut
Ultron U
Venom V
Xenith Xe
Yelena Belova Yb
Yancy Street Y
Zatana Zn
Zauriel Zr

Thanks to Mike and Leanna, who are both super enough to warrant spots on the table as well.

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