Questionable: The Outdoor Dog Crap Flusher

May 26, 2009

dog crapper.jpg

The Powerloo is an outdoor dog crap flusher that ties into your home plumbing's sewer line and flushes special biodegradable bags of dog shit down the drain so you don't step in it while you're playing badminton with Bubbles and the gang. It costs $1000.

The Powerloo: pick it up, flush it down! Pick up your dog waste, hands free and flush it away with the Powerloo.

Did that make any sense? Does having a bag over your arm constitute hands free? Because if not, when was the last time you saw a bag of dog shit walk across the lawn and throw itself away? Exactly, that summer you tried PCP. The prosecution rests.

Product Site
Powerloo dog toilet won't teach Fido to flush [dvice]

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