Pillow Laptop: Working Never Felt So Zzzzz

May 8, 2009

pillow laptop.jpg

This is a pillow that looks like a laptop. It's nonfunctional (as a computer, fully functional as a sleep aid), but soft. I don't even know if they're for sale, but let's be honest, you wouldn't buy one if they were. Oh you would? *yelling down to the basement* Say, it doesn't have to be sweatshop free, does it? Anyway, I think we can all agree this laptop brings new meaning to the phrase, "passing out on your laptop and puking into the keys and then it catching fire and torching your eyebrows off", doesn't it? Well I think it does.

This Is the Best Laptop in the World (Or At Least the Softest) [gizmodo]

Thanks to trishna87, who once fell asleep on a netbook and woke up in a web. Spiderman is an online predator.

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