Own Your Very Own (Miniature) Bat Signal

May 30, 2009

little bat signal.jpg

Want your own miniature bat signal? Now's your chance -- a limited edition of 500 are being sold for $260 from Entertainment Earth.

The miniature replica Bat-Signal features a sturdy metal construction and stands about 12-inches tall. It's got a built-in cooling fan and can be swiveled and tilted to give you the best shot at making contact with the Dark Knight. Of course, since the light can only project the Bat symbol about 16-feet, don't expect him to show, unless he happens to live in your bedroom closet.

Now I'm not saying you should cut a bat out of black contact paper and slap it on a pre-existing lamp, but, I mean, recession. $4 bat signal: 1, $260 bat signal: 3. Wait a minute -- 3? Damn you, style points!

desktop bat-signal hails bugs not bats [technabob]

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