Outerspace Eye Candy: Space Shuttle And Hubble Telescope Silhouetted Against Sun

May 16, 2009

atlantis sun 1.jpg

This is a photo of the space shuttle Atlantis and Hubble Space Telescope silhouetted against the sun. It really made me think about stuff. You know, like outerspace and all that. I'm really deep.

The exceptionally gifted astrophotographer Thierry Legault captured this stunning tableau just minutes before the crew of Atlantis caught up with and captured Hubble for its very last servicing mission on May 13, 2009. This shot has never been accomplished before, and it's magnificent. He used a 13 cm telescope, and camera that took a series of 16 images of 1/8000th of second each.

Awesome image, Thierry. Reminds me of the time I bet the sun I could beat it in a staring contest and kicked its shiny ass. And that, my friends, is why I'm so bright.

Hit the jump for a couple more shots, one of which may or may not look like Pac-Man from behind.

atlantis sun 2.jpg

atlantis sun 3.jpg

Check. This. Out. Amazing photo of the Sun... [discover]

Thanks to Dustin, who once flew too close to the sun and melted because he was made of milk chocolate. That was pretty foolish of you, Dustin.

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