MIT Builds World Of Warcraft Gaming Hut

May 11, 2009

wow hut.jpg

Some gamers at MIT went and built a World of Warcraft 'pod' that contains everything a person would need to survive about three days while constantly playing WoW. Shitter? Check.

Inside, the gamer finds him/herself comfortable seated in front of the computer screen with easy-to-reach water, pre-packaged food, and a toilet conveniently placed underneath his/her custom-built throne.

When hungry, the gamer selects a food item ('Crunchy Spider Surprise', 'Beer Basted Ribs', etc.) and a seasoning pack. By scanning in the food items, the video game physically adjusts a hot plate to cook the item for the correct amount of time. The virtual character then jubilantly announces the status of the meal to both the gamer and the other individuals playing online: "Vorcon's meal is about to be done!" "Better eat the ribs while they're hot!" etc.

As much as I want to hate this, I've got to admit: I wouldn't mind having one. Looks equally suitable for raiding villages and your own little level 4 pants elf. Which, privacy curtain, hello?

Hit the jump for another shot and a better view of the schematic. Ha, remember when you used to make a privacy tent by pulling your bedsheet down from your loft in college? No? Me neither then.

wow hut 2.jpg

wow hut 3.jpg

WoW Pod
World of Warcraft goes down the toilet [sydneymorningherald]

Thanks to Tofu Butcher and Geary, who just play from the john using a laptop and TV dinner tray. Same here, guys!

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