Man Builds Scrap Massage Chair For Wife

May 8, 2009

who wants a body massage.jpg

Lin Shuseng, too cheap to buy his wife one of those $4 battery operated personal massagers (or one of the more expensive ones that looks like a wand that women use to, you know, stir the soup), decided instead to spend 8 years building her a scrap metal massage chair to soothe her painful joints (she suffered in the meantime). Wow, Lin, that's real love right there. Also, the chair from Saw. OMG YOU'RE GOING TO KILL HER!

Chinese retiree uses scrap to create steampunk robo-massage chair [dvice]

  • Wow, he must have had true dedication, hope she finally got to enjoy a massage on that chair. Great posting!

  • This is awesome. 8 years for a scarp metal chair - now that is dedication. Kudos to the guy.

  • Very interesting looking chair. I suppose that's one take on mobile massage, only, this time the massage recipient is the ones who's mobile. This contraption made me laugh

  • Its great.I would like to read your more updates.Keep them coming.

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